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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of customers do MOBAR serve?

We serve all sorts of customers! From a casual friends’ house party, to large scale corporate events, we will be able to spice up and elevate your event!

How can I secure mobile bar service?

To get started, please do contact us . We will guide you through the process and get to know more details about your event – such as type of cocktails required, number of pax, number of hours, etc. If any customizations are required, we would be able to discuss further and finally get your event on track!

Can I engage MOBAR for my event at the last minute?

There are various factors such as scale of the event and if any customisations are required for your event. However, for our standard packages with no customisations, we can react as quickly 24 hours before your event! We have our in house bartenders and equipment readily available to be activated for your event!

How long is your mobile bar service?

Our mobile bar rental services are at a minimum of 4 hours. You can also extend for an additional fee.

What are the modes of payment for MOBAR?

We accept payments by Visa/Mastercard. A confirmation email once payment has been made.

Do you serve non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes we do! We can serve bespoke mocktails based on your preferences. Do let us know your requirements so that we can make special arrangements for you.

Do you rent bar equipment and glassware?

Yes, we offer a huge selection of bar equipment like wine openers, martini shakers and more!

Glassware: We have a wide array of glassware such as wine glasses, beer mugs for your event, big or small. If you need to have your glassware customized or branded, please drop us a message at


Paper/Plastic Goods: We also provide your basic necessities such as napkins, straws, cocktail picks and plastic cups. If you need to have your plastic ware customized or branded, please drop us a message at

Do you cater islandwide?

Yes, we cater to events islandwide! Big or small, just drop us a message and we’ll take it from there!

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